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Steve - Mercredi 25 Janvier 2006 08:16

Grandiose les hotels !!!

theGiles - Dimanche 29 Janvier 2006 05:26

Il y a de la férie dans l'air...et de l'argent

Webmaster - Dimanche 05 Février 2006 17:41

Oui tous ces hotels sont incroyables, sans équivalent ailleurs. Et il ne faut pas avoir d'à priori sur le prix : ce n'est pas chère, et surtout le week end (ils se rattrapent sur les jeux...)

cheap oem software - Dimanche 12 Février 2012 11:50

Qrodrt I am glad that your blog is constantly evolving. Such posts only gain in popularity!....

Siddharth - Vendredi 11 Mai 2012 00:29

Vegas's biggest seoasns are spring and fall. The big months are April, May and June then again Sept, Oct and the beginning of November. The prices are based on supply and demand. The weather is perfect during those months here and not so great in other parts of the country. That is when everyone like to come here so they fill up the rooms. Supply and demand.

Fadli - Vendredi 11 Mai 2012 06:29

You're probably not going to find a dance party awrehnye. There is one underage dance club here, but it is in Henderson and about a 20 minutes drive from the strip. They also allow age 14+ so you guys being older probably wouldn't have a whole lot of fun there being around a bunch of high school kids. You could see what concerts are going on at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay most of their shows are all ages or 18+. There is a hookah lounge called Cloud 9 that is semi-close to the strip that is 18+. It's a lounge of course, but they play a lot of club type music a lot of people dance in their booths. Plus the hookah is great! You guys could also check out Town Square and eat at the Yard House or Cadillac Ranch. These places are pretty popular on weekends, but they are also restaurants, so you guys could just get a table. Cadillac Ranch has a mechanical bull, so I don't see why you'd have to be 21 to give that a go. They also have a dance floor area, but I'm not sure if you can be out dancing if you're not 21. I kinda don't see why not, but you never know. And no matter what, don't resort to fake IDs they only work at crappy dive bars in this town. I hope this info helps!

Rami - Vendredi 11 Mai 2012 07:33

haha ^^ non seulement j'adore, mais je suis prquese 100% d'accord ; prquese, parce que le seigneur des anneaux aurait pu eatre mieux!Comme toi indi 4 vient rejoindre la liste des films attendus et finalement horriblement de9cevants (avec x-men3, matrix2-3, star wars 1-2-3 -tiens salut georges!)...vivement the dark knight !Sinon, rien e0 voir, mais j'ai trouve9 le match de dimanche a Bdx bien sympa ; meame si les themes et les cate9gories de l'arbitre auraient pu eatre meilleurs. En tout cas, c'e9tait mieux que indi 4 ^^..et puis c'e9tait marrant de te voir en vrai, meame si j'ai pas pu rester apre8s le match pour te sauter sur le dos et te que9mander un dessin ^^la prochaine fois !

Abdul - Dimanche 13 Mai 2012 03:04

Bars/clubs WILL ID you in Vegas. They have way too much to loose by letting mniors slip in and believe me they arn't hurting for business especially on New Years. There are things that you can do in Vegas without being 21 the best thing to do would be to call your hotel and ask them for suggestions I'm sure there are 18+ clubs there somewhere (the strip is huge). DON'T try to gamble without ID they seldom ID you while you're gambling but if they catch you they will kick you out, and maybe even ban you which means you won't be able to enjoy it when you're 21. You could drink in your room (I highly suggest bring your own alcohol if you're staying on the strip, the alcohol there is expensive), and then go see the strip it's probably going to be packed with people on New Years. Again, the best thing to do is ask your hotel if you're staying in a major one, or if you're not, call a major one and act like you're considering them and ask them to send you information on 18+ entertainment.

Deisyree - Mardi 28 Août 2012 05:06

All's I have to say is why cant the US ever do anything like this. This is altbluseoy great. I don't care what they are advertising, water or exercising, it is thee best ever. And puts a smile on everyone's face. And it is not hurting anyone.